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Hey neighbors! It’s action-movie time here at Qwil! Nothing gets our blood pumping like a great action flick. Popular action movies take all shapes and forms. This list has everything from superhero movies to Hong Kong action thrillers. Now, it’s time to grab your popcorn and dive into the top five best action movies of all time that you can watch in our Screening Room at your luxury Hollywood apartments for rent.

best action movies of all time

The Best Action Movies of All Time

  1. Iron Man – We can all agree that this movie set a new standard for superhero films. It is fair to say that it also set the tone for all the epic Avengers films we know and love. Robert Downey Jr.’s performance and the humor he brings to this character are unbeatable, which is why we had to include it in this list. 
  2. Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior – We typically like a balance of a good story, a great cast, and flawless action scenes. However, Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior isn’t known for the plot. It’s all about the action. Sometimes, that’s okay when an action film is well, just action. In fact, the choreography of each fight scene is so well done, we could rewind each of them every time we put on this film at Qwil apartments in Hollywood for rent.
  3. Avengers: EndgameBack to our superhero films! Avengers: Endgame is a culmination of over 20 films. The whole movie is a victory lap with the remaining Avengers as they revisit critical points in the franchise’s history. Like Iron Man, it’s hard to imagine there’s anyone who hasn’t seen Avengers: Endgame, but it’s worth a rewatch, or two, to catch all the little moments that make this film so special.
  4. The Bourne Identity – The Bourne Identity is the best of both worlds. It takes the best aspects from both the spy and action genres. Plus, the storyline is amazing! We can all agree that storylines about unique or stolen identities make great action films. 
  5. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope – Last but certainly not least, what is arguably one of the most important action/sci-fi films of all time, Star Wars! No need to explain the plot, but there is every need to include it in this list. So many wonderful characters and relationships to connect to. While there’s a lot to love in this franchise, the first Star Wars is our favorite. What is your favorite Star Wars film? Let us know by commenting on our recent post on Instagram @liveqwil.


There you have it! The Qwil Hollywood apartments top five best action movies of all time to watch or rewatch in our Screening Room! This is one of two movie guides and there are plenty more to come. Click here to read up on our favorite romantic comedies.