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We all know that eating food is part of life, but eating great food is culture. We thought it would be helpful to introduce you to some of our favorite Mediterranean restaurants in Hollywood near your Qwil apartments in Los Angeles for rent.

Mediterranean Restaurants in Hollywood. Apartments for rent in Hollywood.

The Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Hollywood

Open Sesame

At Open Sesame, a traditional Lebanese spot in Beverly Grove, all of the dishes are large, and designed to be split. And with a low corkage fee, you can bring your bottle of wine. Whether or not you choose to break it is up to you.

Sidewalk Grill

They have good kebabs – the ground filet, salmon, and lamb are the best, and all of them come with sides like grilled fresh vegetables and different dips – but we’ll decide for you. Get the baba ganoush. There’s a little patio on the side that makes for great people-watching on weekends, so grab a $5 glass of wine and take a seat.


Open since 1982, Marouch is one of the longest-standing Armenian/Lebanese restaurants in Hollywood and a pillar of the surrounding community. You can certainly come to this family-run institution and find solid plates of shawarma and kabab combination platters, but Marouch’s greatness lies in their mezze.

The Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Hollywood

AL Basch Chicken

As the name suggests, chicken is the star of the show here, and whether you’re in the mood for shawarma, kebabs, or whole chicken, Al Basch is making the best in the neighborhood. The shawarma itself has a subtle tanginess that we love, and if you order it on a plate, it comes with an excellent side of rice and salad.

Ta-eem Grill

The Ta-Eem Grill staff are dedicated to producing food that their customers will enjoy because food is their ultimate passion, and their Mediterranean style is to die for. With being one of the top restaurants on Melrose Avenue, Ta-Eem Grill is the perfect place to go for lunch or dinner with friends and family after a day of exploring the length of Melrose Avenue.

The Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Hollywood

We are so excited for you to discover these restaurants around your QWIL apartments in Hollywood for rent. Stay up to date on all things QWIL by following us on Instagram, @liveqwil!