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Qwil Home Décor Guide: Halloween Apartment Decorating Ideas

Summer is over, and we are finally entering fall. Time to usher in the Halloween spooky spirit over here at Qwil Apartments. Discover brilliant apartment décor ideas comprised of eerie embellishments which are sure to give you those chilling, October 31st ghouls as you relax in your Qwil apartment near Larchmont Village. Sit back and have a read of the frightening Halloween apartment decorating ideas rounded up by yours truly, Qwil Apartments.

Halloween Decor | Qwil Apartments

Hanging Witch Hats From The Ceiling

Let the spooky decorations begin. Qwil apartments recommend making use of transparent strings and needles to have floating hats of witches in rooms. Despite this apartment décor idea being super simple, it is sure to get you in the Halloween vibe! You just have to pop the transparent strings through the tops of hats and hang them from the ceiling using command strips. 

Halloween  Theme Dinner Table Decorations 

Move over regular tablecloths! This Halloween apartment décor idea involves draping macabre tablecloths over your luxury apartment tables. Qwil apartments recommend stepping up your tablescape skills by adding antique candlesticks that will help bring out that creepy and scary feel as you enjoy Halloween in your apartment near Hollywood. Think of adding black candles around your centerpiece or scattering little orange pumpkins around. 

Halloween Apartment Decorating Ideas

Lighting Pumpkins 

Is there anything that screams Halloween more than pumpkins? Especially when they are lit? This Halloween apartment décor idea is pretty simple! You just need to carve a face into several pumpkins and proceed to brighten them up using friendly glows or spooky illumination from candles or glow sticks. Make sure to tag @liveqwil on Instagram so we can see your spooky pumpkin carvings! A very fun activity for your Sunday night get-together with your friends or family. 

Swapping Indoor Luxury Apartment Bulbs With Colored Bulbs

A fun apartment decor idea this Halloween season is switching to colored, low-wattage CFL bulbs which come in a variety of colors such as orange, purple, green, or red. These colored bulbs will be sure to give your luxury apartments eerie, graveyard looks. Invite your friends over, dim the lights and play Hocus Pocus on your TV. Our version of the perfect haunted movie night.