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Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

One of the best things about living in Los Angeles is how easy it is to find whatever cuisine matches both your palate and your lifestyle. If clean, healthy living is essential to you, you’ll find plenty of options for freshly prepared meals in Southern California, both from ethnic restaurants and American cuisine.

One option that falls under both categories is vegan restaurants. Los Angeles is considered one of the best cities in the world to eat vegan, mainly because California has more vegan restaurants than any other state, and many of them have set up shops near Hollywood and Larchmont Village. Qwil apartments have rounded up our picks for some great places for vegan eating!

Vegan Food Los Angeles | Qwil Apartments

Honeybee Burger

If you’ve ever wanted a quick, convenient meal without sacrificing your vegan lifestyle, this is the place for you. Honeybee Burger‘s 100% plant-based menu includes the Sea Bee Burger, the first burger to include kelp as its main ingredients. Vegan chicken nuggets and shakes made with oat milk help round out the menu, allowing anyone to enjoy plant-based fast food without worry.

Lotus Vegan

Lotus Vegan offers several great experiences, as it’s one of the best Thai places that North Hollywood has to offer. A quick. Drive from your Qwil apartment near Larchmont Village. We agree at Qwil Apartments that it is one of the best vegan experiences because it uses organic ingredients and junks the MSG and white sugar often hiding in foods. Lettuce wraps and grilled sweet potatoes make for an excellent start to any meal, and an all-day breakfast menu makes it easy for us to start the day with a fresh meal as well.

Jackfruit Cafe

If you’ve been a vegan for any serious length of time, you’re probably pretty familiar with jackfruit, which is one of the most versatile fruits in a vegan diet. Jackfruit Cafe makes it the star of most of its dishes by pairing it with things like macaroni and cheese, black beans, and jasmine rice to offer one of the best vegan soul food experiences we have in Los Angeles. If you’re craving some comfort food, this is one of the best places to get it. It is located 8 miles from Qwil Luxury Apartments.

Sugar Taco

Los Angeles is home to a large Mexican population, which means authentic Mexican food is done right. Sugar Taco is the place for vegan tacos and other original Mexican choices, all made with plant-based proteins. If you’re really up for an intense food experience, try their ghost taco, made with ghost pepper salsa. This one might not be for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely for anyone who wants to enjoy genuine Mexican flavors made without anything you don’t want in your meal. One of Qwil’s favorite hotspots is close to Larchmont Village, a 2-mile drive from Qwil luxury apartments.

As you might have guessed, that’s only a start to our vegan offerings that we’ve got available here in Los Angeles. If you’re looking for information about vegan restaurants near Qwil Apartments, feel free to contact us about our community; and to schedule a tour of our luxury apartments.