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There is no shortage of excellent dining experiences while living at Qwil apartments in Los Angeles. That especially goes for all the sushi restaurants in Larchmont. Here are our favorites.  

Sushi Restaurants in Larchmont

sushi restaurants in larchmont


Starting with Muraya, just around the corner from your luxury apartments in Larchmont. There are several affordable sushi restaurants on this list, and Muraya is one of them. They’ve got a delicious sashimi combo for $20 and a tonkatsu plate for $17.  

Kiku Sushi

Up next we have Kiku Sushi. The space itself is very quaint with both indoor and outdoor dining options. Everything on their menu is a hit. The highlights are the volcano sushi and crab sushi. It is worth noting that the serving portions are quite large, so you are really getting a bang for your buck. 

Sushi Restaurants in Larchmont


We all love fast-casual dining. Thankfully, on Larchmont, there is Sweetfin. If there is anywhere in LA where you should get poke, it’s here. The must-trys on their signature bowls menu are the mango albacore and yuzu salmon. You also have the option of creating your own poke bowl. 

Soregashi Japanese Bistro

Two miles away in a strip mall at Santa Monica and Highland is Soregashi Japanese Bistro. Like Sweetfin and Muraya, Soregashi is another affordable sushi spot near your apartments for rent in Hollywood and Larchmont. We suggest heading over Tuesday through Friday from 12 to 12:30 PM, where you can order tons of food between $12 to $30. They have chirashi bowls, broiled fish sets, and sashimi platters. Dinner prices are also well priced off of their a la carte menu.   

Sushi Restaurants in Larchmont


Last but certainly not least, our favorite. Sugarfish should ring a bell as it is the most celebrated local sushi chain in LA. It is also the most expensive on this list but not too outrageous. Unlike all the other sushi restaurants we have mentioned, the food here pays homage to traditional Japanese cuisine. The rice is warm, the options are simple, and the menu is prix fixe. No California Rolls or Caterpillar Rolls here. If you want, you can order additional pieces of sushi and cut rolls a la carte.