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New series alert! We want everyone living at Qwil Hollywood apartments for rent to be in-the-know when it comes to the LA food scene. We dived into so many incredible local eateries last year and we are going to do the same this year and then some. Starting with the best restaurants in Koreatown.

Best Restaurants in Koreatown

The Best Restaurants in Koreatown

  1. Young King Restaurant
    We love an excellent Korean-Chinese food spot, and Young King is one of them. We recommend the Cha Chiang Mein (noodles covered in black bean sauce) and the Tangsuyuk (crispy fried pork with sweet and sour sauce on the side). Basically, anything with noodles.
  2. BCD Tofu House
    This small chain specializes in Korean Soon Tofu, which is served in a savory smoking hot soup seasoned with chili and kimchi. A bowl of tofu soup is around $10 and compliments any of the menu’s items beautifully. One thing we love about this spot is that you can let them know what kind of heat level you’d like your dish to have.
  3. Park’s Barbeque
    If you’re looking for high-quality Korean BBQ in LA, Parks is it! Angelenos rave about their meat and great flavors. That especially goes for the beef short rib.
  4. Guelaguetza
    If you are looking for an authentic Oaxacan restaurant, we suggest Guelaguetza. They have a variety of different moles and large plates. We suggest the seafood stew or the tlayuda, which is a pizza-like corncake.
  5. Chung Ki Wa
    Last but not least, Chung Ki Wa. The sign in the front says Korean Black Angus beef, and that’s precisely what you should order. Also, try out the rib-eye steak with the bone inside or sliced out.


We cannot wait to recommend other restaurants around the Larchmont Village and Hollywood area, but for now, these are our top five restaurants in Koreatown. If we left out one of your favorites, let us know on Instagram @liveqwil.