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Discover The Best Korean BBQ Near Qwil Apartments

Korean BBQ has been a specialty in Los Angeles’s Koreatown, grounding a scene that makes the city one of the best places to enjoy the classic Korean meal of tabletop grilled meats. Qwil apartments have rounded up a solid list of the best Korean barbecue hotspots right here in Los Angeles.

Best Korean BBQ | Near Qwil Apartments LA

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong 

Are you ready for next-level Korean BBQ? Check out Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong in Chapman Plaza. They do not take reservations and the waitlist is long even on weekdays, meaning you have to be prepared to grab a coffee while you wait or sip on a few pitchers at the pub next door. Baekjeong literally translates to “butcher” in Korean, meaning that the name connects with their high-quality cuts. We suggest picking from either the beef combo or the pork combo, we can ensure you will leave full and beyond satisfied. 


Daedo established itself as one of Seoul’s top Korean BBQ restaurants and they have finally opened their doors right here in Los Angeles. Opening July 8th, 2021, they are already one of the most impressive places to eat in Koreatown. Roughly 2 miles away from Qwil Apartments, you can find one of the first Korean BBQ restaurants with an arresting interior design, the sounds of sizzling meat, and the ambiance of a classic Korean BBQ restaurant with a modern steakhouse vibe. Daedo may be one of the most special dining experiences in the city right now, hurry and see for yourself! 

Parks BBQ 

Park’s BBQ here in Korea Town is known for its lively, upscale atmosphere where you can find high-quality Kobe-style beef and mouth-watering marinated Short Rib. Inside Park’s modern space, you’ll find dedicated employees and a crowd focused on going all-in on Korean BBQ heaven. Their high-quality meats bring the BBQ experience to a level you won’t find anywhere else in town. Thankfully, you can find yourself only 3 miles away when residing at Qwil. 

Chosun Galbee 

Approximately 8 minutes away from Qwil, this hidden local gem is known for its modern setting with a garden-like feel, elevated menu, and was even rated by the Michelin Guide. The perfect place for large groups on the hunt for tender meat to grill up on a Friday night. 

Soot Bull Jeep 

A low-key and very authentic hotspot, Soot Bull Jeep, elevates the bbq game in a casual flair way. Qwil’s go-to order includes their marinated beef and short rib paired with an array of delicious banchan including spicy kimchi, fish cakes, and their hot daikon. Prepare to get smoked because the air is filled with charcoal scents but we can promise it is worth it. Big plus, they have free parking in the back!